About Us


OUR HOME YOUR SAFETY has been developed by 3 Blind & Awning industry professionals employed within 2 different companies.

We come with knowledge of selling, installing and manufacturing along with the frustration of how we find, retain and share the information necessary to do our job well for the customer.

We deliberately don’t want to expose our identities, as our day job is in the industry.



For some time we have seen a need for a training portal for our industry. We have watched the frustration of the industry around the MSF30913 Certificate III in Blinds, Awnings, Security Screens and Grilles which taught so much content but not to the necessary depth or focus to be useful.

When we discussed a number of times developing an online training platform that was non-specific to business or product but specifically designed for the needs of our industry.

With an increased focus on compliance to OHS&W and building certifications, we could see the need for business owners and managers to have a method of consistently training best practices and recording the training outcomes. 



With the recent pandemic crisis of Covid 19 we have seen the dramatic and sudden effect on businesses if the customer feels unsafe to allow professionals and tradespeople into their home.

We knew there was a need to develop something which gave training and certification for those of us working in customers homes. Other generic training was too long-winded, complex or included information for many industries which wasted the time of those undertaking the training and reduced the effect of the critical learning areas.

So we launched YOUR HOME YOUR SAFETY as a beta to gauge the response of the industry.


But this is just the start, if it is successful, we will soon have eLearning courses around key areas of safety and service from within the blinds, awnings, curtains, shutters and security screens industry.

Support us, give us feedback on the need, if your interested join us in creating content as we help customers feel safe as they let us do our jobs at improving the style, function and safety of their kingdom.

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